Black Lab Ten Million Years Lyrics

It's such a simple thing
I never feel this way
I have nightmares, I have dreams of you gone
There is something in you, I want today

So hide the bones away
Beneath the yellow lines
you're scared of what you lose or
What you might gain this time

I love you more than I should
I would wrap my heart in bands of rosewood
I love you more than I should
I would stay beside you here ten million years

You see yourself in the mirror, yeah
You see yourself at night
You see yourself in the gutter, baby
Baby, you see yourself like a star shining bright, but I


Every minute, every hour
Every second you take me over
Every night, every day I wait, I take, I know I take but


Ten million years
Ten million years

Written by: Paul Durham
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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