Black Lab See the Sun Lyrics

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If I feel this feeling
If I let myself go deep again
Will you stay by my side, yeah
'Cause if I feel this feeling
Things will never be the same again
If planets collide I won't mind
I'll be fine

I can't see the sun anymore
I can't feel the ground anymore
I can't see the sun anymore
I don't mind
I'm by your side
And I feel fine

Are you my revelation?
Are you the answer to my question?
Or have I wasted my time, yeah
'cause if I feel this feeling
Will you crawl out of your perfect skin
And climb into mine
Will you shine
Will you be my light


Hey Michelle
You're to young to be alone
Hey Michelle
Is your heart still made of stone?
Hey babe,
Come and take me home
Hey Babe
I'm calling
Hear me calling


Written by: Paul Durham
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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