Joey Bada$$ oG killuminati Lyrics

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I'm a beast with these flows
Two birds, one stoned, you get geeseā€™d when trees rolled
They say I'm evil cause I trained my ego to see gold
See, no seagulls couldn't see these goals, please
It's the return of the beast coast
No cash, flash but the cheese still make teeth show
The cold needle, is how you move on a strip
What you trynna be Vito?, well there's rules to this shit
Don't get clapped, ya'll ain't real spitters, ya'll lips chapped
Better watch it, Mr. Nicewatch, don't risk that
I got a 6 pack of bare skill that I spill like that
And everybody know (That shit crack!)
Ya'll niggas softspoken, down below token
The type to drop the soap when you soakin' in front of most men
It makes sense why you want beef with this frozen
It nuts for new school, in the tool, ya' kid hold him
Better shoot yourself Plaxico, because I'm next to go
The Progressive flows from New York to New Mexico
A lyrical span is what the fans demandin'
Step into my box and that's exactly what'chu standin'
Ain't no half steppin' 'round me
And you gotta drown a fish before you clown me
That young cop killer, I'm dat ill, so doc' will ya
Give me two shots for 2Pac killer,nigga