Lil' Boosie Zoom Lyrics

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(feat. Yung Joc)

[talking intro]
Lil Boosie bad ass
Yung Joc we got a hit let's go baby

Everybody like
Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom
(Zoom) They on them dubs like (zoom)
Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom

[Lil Bossie]
I'm Boosie Bad Ass
and I'll zoom right by you
760 parna Crispy Cream on the tire
smoke that fire
purple cush by the pound
ask my dog Webbie
this is how it goes down
from my hood to your hood
man we're making money
in the club we popping bottles
the room we're hitting models
rolling through the bottom
all the kids hollin 'Boosie'
this's life a nigga living
like I'm staring in a movie
fresh out the Jacuzzi
a little powder on my chest
got thirth on my neck
turkey mell just cut your check
now I'm zooming in my Charger
on them 24's
got a thing about BigHead and Pimp
so slow your roll
ice cold from my neck to my wrist
we're getting paid
on my feet I got them J's
play with me I got them things
red Gucci shades
me and Jock getting paid
now the whole United stated
taking pictures all day

Fresh pair of J's
I hit the club stunting
With a Fresh pair of shades
Making that money
Everybody getting paid
And everything lovely
And I'm doing my thing
My thing
My thing


[Yung Joc]
See the way I hustle
They think I'm Rick Ross
As soon I fuck 'em
tell them hoes to get lost
a lot of niggas mad
they all pissed off
If a nigga think he bad
tell him 'Jump' like 'Chris Cross'
I pop a couple tag
what the wrist cost
all a nigga do is
slurg and trick
help break us off
this's my nigga Bossie
he tells you what it is
face card good
'cause the face card trill
if you got a problem
I suggest you head home
you're in the red zone
get your head gone
don't hit me on the chirp
that's the fed phone
talking about the work
nigga you're dead wrong
I keep them beams
for them hoes sell 'em dreams
no hoes on team
I like my clothes chrisp and clean
I like my doe chrisp and greem
64 on lean
that my nigga
get that work for them fens



[Lil Bossie]
I'll be zooming in my drop top
mobbin through the city
fresh fad
fresh J's
with two bad bitches
one named Sara
one named Tina
together they make weather like Katrina
they a fool shawty
red she a ruff rider
she get on back on back of that motorbike
and all you see is back on that motorbike
I drive fast car
they call me Nascar
(you feel me)
but I'm in love with that Hemi
get retarted
in Farriers
I get loose in the coup
paranoid like Pac
so I keep that glock
when I zoom zoom
man after that
let's get a room room
(I'm VIP)
I need a Dime Piece
a fine brezzy
get on back
you can ride on the bike
or in the 'Lac
(hum broad)
now we got everybody zooming
the little kids zooming
look like you got a hit Boosie (yeah)



We walk off in the club like
AH (yeah)
We're in here (we in here)
Get off the peddle like
Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom
(Zoom) And all my girls like (zoom)
Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom
(Zoom) And all my thugs like (zoom)
Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom
Look at it
Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom

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