Jah Cure Zion Way Lyrics

Ghetto Life Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Every Song I Sing
  • 2 King in This Jungle
  • 3 Western Region
  • 4 Zion Way
  • 5 Run Come Love Me
  • 6 Zion Await
  • 7 Hail to My King
  • 8 Trust Me
  • 9 Ghetto Life
  • 10 How Can I
  • 11 The Love of My Life
  • 12 Hanging Slowly
  • 13 Dung in Deh
  • 14 Vibes Man a Build
  • 15 Keep On

  • Zion way I a trod
    Glorify di majesty as God
    Zion way I a trod
    Jah Jah part di red sea wid di rod
    Some magnify his name so high
    He is the king of glory
    Cause I and i don't tell lie
    Rasta nuh plan story
    Mama earth teach mi fi walk and talk
    And share jah jah love in your heart
    Woooo y wooo I
    Yea yeea yeea yeaaaah
    Persistance it takes for us to go on
    True a dis yah journey
    A nuff get weak
    And then dem run gone
    And claim seh dem weary
    Yea yeeeeaaaah
    Hey, What life has taught
    Is for you to be true and smart
    Wid a clean hands and a pure in heart
    Babylon set dem trap don't get caught
    Yeaaah yeeeaaa
    Woa woa woaaaaa yeaah yeaaah yeeaah

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