Satariel Zenithal Man Lyrics

Phobos and Deimos Track Listing
  • 1 Sodomy Eve
  • 2 Coffin Gateways
  • 3 Stranger World
  • 4 The Claim
  • 5 Betrayer Love
  • 6 The Sun Is Grey
  • 7 Holy Trinity / Menage a Trois
  • 8 Death Come Cover Me
  • 9 Zenithal Man
  • 10 Doveshooter
  • 11 Greater Than God
  • A vessel sprung open
    And like bacteria the Genii spread out

    No longer part of mankind
    Much stronger in heart and mind

    Seeing the lotus in bloom
    As wings start to out grow
    My flesh meets its doom
    In a halo of glow

    Vagabond a grand cosmos
    Watching angels in hybris
    Shaming the unpresent god
    Shaming the unpresent god



    In a hellward spiral, yet ascending
    I A O
    Beneath the surface, yet above yee all
    I A O

    [Repeat verse 1]


    [CHORUS x2]

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