Ransom Yuk (Freestyle) Lyrics

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I crawled out the grave, dead man walking
Listen to my tape hear a dead man talking
I had my booth built just like a dead man's coffin
Dead niggas can't lie whoever said Ran lost it
Ok now if you was to see him, ever meet him, ever greet him
After treating like a criminal ,after dark never feed him
Aston Martin when I'm speeding crashed a porsche when I be tweaking
Laugh it off 'cause I be eating happens often on the weekend
You chase hoes, I chase dough
Nobody's perfect with that rock but my J cold
Close to facing death, I seen the face of death
Now I'm back to fuck the game up like a replacement ref
They heard that wind is coming, taking numbers the flu
Had them numbers alive when you know sun is the truth
Hottest bump can survive when he just hung from a noose
‘Cause he gave birth to the track as soon as he comes in the booth
You can't replace this, this is greatness
Give the new face of rap a motherfucking face lift
Smack the shit tasteless if I ain't in the picture frame
Niggas having nightmares praying that they forget my name
They thought I switched it up, nah nigga
I just picked it up and showed that I've evolved nigga
You see this flow here, and how I use it so clear
And how I'm from the east coast but still I spit with no fear
Niggas ain't getting no dough here
I'm hope here, I'm Nas here
That toxin I'm BIG here, I'm Pac here you are not near
You are not near my level nigga ,flows I got several nigga
Welcome to the underworld come and meet the devil nigga

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