The Presets Youth in Trouble Lyrics

Pacifica Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Youth in Trouble
  • 2 Ghosts
  • 3 Promises
  • 4 Push
  • 5 Fall
  • 6 It's Cool
  • 7 A.O.
  • 8 Surrender
  • 9 Fast Seconds
  • 10 Fail Epic
  • I slept through my alarm
    There’s something wrong with it
    I look down my skin, my sheet’s soaked wet

    I had the wildest dream
    Was non to subtle
    About a world on fire and a youth in trouble

    Up out all night, in bright lit wonderland
    Communicate online with, I don’t understand it
    With the music taste abominable
    Man I’m worried sick for a youth in trouble

    Inside all day it’s buried in the screen
    Seen pictures that I pray I never had to see
    Like the ṗros make me so uncomfortable
    God I’m terrified of youth in trouble

    Go hide, run for your lives
    The world’s on fire because of the youth in trouble
    Run, hide, fight for your life
    The kid’s alright,
    It’s just youth in trouble
    Go hide, close my eyes
    Televise the youth in trouble
    Oh my, to lie or not while you see H kids
    It’s all I really wanna do

    Written by: Julian Hamilton, Kimberley Moyes
    Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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