Nate Dogg feat. Dr. Dre Your Wife Lyrics

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Your wife, my *****
Your love, my trick
Her mouth, my ****
I ****ed, that's it

[Verse One: Nate Dogg]
All night long, I had her on her back in my Cadillac bro
You should of heard her moan, same old song
I made her throw her back out when I sent her home
For better or worse she's

Your wife, my *****
Your love, my trick
Her mouth, my ****
I ****ed that's' it
Straight pimp, no ****
Gave me your chips
I drove, your whip
It's true don't trip

[Verse Two: Dr. Dre]
What's my name, my name is Mr. Game
West coast big change Mr. Fame
Bad ***** scooped her up same ole same
****in' in the drivers seat while I'm switching lanes

Gettin' brains Long Beach, Compton thang
**** ain't changed that's how we do the damn thang
Draws down nuts platinum, let em' hang
Wife missin' 5 a.m., who's to blame

I'm the reason used maginum is in your range
and while she bounced out wit me before you came
****in' lame you be handcuff sluts I banged
I trippin' take em' back **** my nuts is drained

On everything this **** is shootin' novocain
Have a ***** waitin' bus stop, in the rain
Simple and plain 'cause we's be off the chain
***** Nate Dogg pimp game please don't explain

[Verse Three: Nate Dogg]
Ring or no ring
A hoe gone be a hoe
While you sleepin'
She be creppin' out the back door

Comin' to met me, at my honey comb
Smokin' and drinkin' dyin' to please me
While real playas keep playin' on

[Bridge: Nate Dogg]
Playas play on
Keep playin on
Ladies playin on, play on
Keep playin on
Playas play on, play on
Ladies play on, play on
Keep playin on
Your wife, is my *****
Your love, is my trick


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