The Gathering Your Troubles Are Over Lyrics

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Towards the light
I will move on
And so I learn to move
The one before the next
The steps I take
Will pave the road ahead of me

I awoke this morning
Wondering if I was alive
My head was spinning in circles
Turning to the other side

Bare and broken i hold on to walk

I stumbled over my body
I stumbled over my words
On control upon all wasted
As if I were beyond belief

Bare and broken I hold on to walk

Towards the light
I will walk

Faster than
The speed of mind
Both my arms are wrapped around
This new experience
My head in clouds
My feet firmly on the ground

Towards the light
I will walk
And wrapped my arms around the ground
Beneath my feet
Towards the light
I will run
Towards the light

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