DAY26 Your Heels Lyrics

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[Chorus: All, Que]
You got your hair did nails done your walk is on the one (and I must say)
Your heels (girl they look good)
On you
You walk with your nose up with that sexy strut
And I must say (your heels)
Girl they look good (on you)
Your heels look (so good on you)
So(so good on you)
Ooo (so good on you)
Uhhuh (so good on you)
I said your heels look (so good on you)
So (so good on you)
To me (so good on you)

[Verse 1: Willie]
You in this club and girl you killing em like oo oo oo
You got that diva diva swag swag
And you so bad girl that you deserve a bad bad boy (badd o yes you are)

[Pre-Chorus: All, Brian, Willie]
And you look so independent
The kind of woman I'm diggin
You got me hopped up, wrapped up, messed up, hold up
From your head to your toes
Damn you did it so what do I do to get with it
You better go girl
You better go girl

[Chorus: All, Que]

[Verse 2: Robert]
Now you're on the dance floor in a dress that's so gone
I love the way you walk it out (walk it out)
Now pose just like a model
Take a picture

[Pre-Chorus: All, Brian, Willie]

[Chorus: All, Que, Ad-libs: Brian]

[Bridge: All, Brian]
Walking like a supermodel (walking like a supermodel)
Queen of tha runway (she's tha queen of tha runway)
If you're sexy with your heels on
Sing along
Let me hear you say ooo
All my ladies say ooo

[Chorus: All, Que, Ad-libs: Robert]

Written by: Jevon Simms, Larry Nix, Phalon Alexander, Phalon Anton Alexander, Ricco Barrino
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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