The Magnetic Fields Your Girlfriend’s Face Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Shirley Simms]
So I've taken a contract out on you
I have hired a hitman to do what they do
He will do his best to do his worst
After he's messed up your girlfriend first
I said he'll do his worst
To your girlfriend first

[Verse 2]
Cause I've hired a fixer for her too
For stealing my lover and making me blue
They'll have to hose off your twisted place
After he blows off your girlfriend's face
I want the whole bloody place
Red with your girlfriend's face

[Verse 3]
So I've taken a contract out on y'all
For making me feel infinitely small
In the evenings I've devised your death:
Being buried alive on crystal meth

[Chorus] (x6)
Baby I give you death
Bye-bye-by crystal meth

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