Streetlight Manifesto Your Day Will Come Lyrics

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A young lady leaves her mother
With no one to love her
To protect her from the world
And I have seen the monsters
That will haunt her
That'll tear her all apart

And at her gravestone
We will remember
Just where we were
When we knew she would go
And I still remember the day that we left her
And that's when she said that she knows
How it goes
And we sang

[Chorus: x2]
Your day will come, your day will come, your day will come
And no matter what they say
It won't matter if you pray or if you sin
Cause in the end
It's all the same

Young man becomes a soldier
And he isn't much older
Than a boy and that's a shame
They will lead him into battle
And the medals when he comes home rearranged

I have to say so
Of the man with the halo
He will obey he fall into place
Remember [?] but never forgive them
Ensuring the bulk of the blame
What a shame
And we'll see

If I only had a dollar
For every horror
That befalls my fellow man
I'd never work another hour
But I'd grow sour
From the guilt and bitterness
The luck on the draw will
Determine the fallen
And everyone else will relax and fall
But what will you do when
They come looking for you friend?
I hope that you're brave, and you're strong
Through it all

[Chorus] Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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