Wiz Khalifa Young Boy Talk Lyrics

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Look ***** I'm the boss, the mo' ****in' animal.
One war, one phone call is how I handle you. (whew)
On the grind, you ***** *****s hate,
***** I'm out in different states bought the ticket gettin' cake.
Fill my lungs with the best weed, pockets with them dolla signs,
Run with them *****s holdin' glocks like its Columbine. (Pop, Pop, Pop)
I'ma star in detroit so I gotta shine,
Far as Pittsburgh I'm the voice so I gotta Rhyme. (Ya)
Rhymin' all the time, ever since the first day.
Now I'm gettin' cake like ay day became my birthday.
Somethin like an earthquake, the way the **** drop,
I be at the tip top, postin' with a big knot.
You ain't know me hoe, you sit at home and just watch,
Less than hatas, stone cold spectatas.

Written by: Cameron Thomaz, Cameron Jibril Thomaz, Edward Murray
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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