Raekwon Young Boy Penalties Lyrics

Lost Jewlry Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Intro "A Kings Chariot"
  • 2 Prince of Thieves
  • 3 Young Boy Penalties
  • 4 Hold You Down
  • 5 For the Listeners
  • 6 Die Tonight
  • 7 New Day
  • 8 Lead Season
  • 9 86'
  • 10 Came Up
  • 11 To the Top
  • 12 Whatever, Whenever
  • [Verse 1]
    Call 'em a lobbyist, he stay parked, this is obvious
    He won't leave the block, his people gon' copy this
    18 wildin', no cream that's sloppy shit
    Need a real nigga to tell him that's jalopy shit
    Wrong moves, yeah that old ass Monopoly shit
    You need to play chess and kill all that cocky shit
    You not hard, you just on some fake Rocky shit
    One day nigga gon' smack out your choppers, kid
    Yeah we all know that lockin' ain't watchman shit
    Skinny jeans, long Timbs, ain't poppin' shit
    Just real yeah, general with stocks and shit
    Stocky, no Glock, just hand full of rocks and shit
    They hold L's and get craned, that's popular shit
    Gold ghost on some Phantom of the Opera shit
    Take a ill toast and shop, buy more Glocks and shit
    Stay away from petty ass slimes who watch your shit

    [Hook] x2
    Young boy penalties, when will you learn
    Young boy penalties, when will you learn
    Catch young boy penalties, when will you learn

    [Verse 2]
    Ay yo, no morals at all, you lost shorty
    Don't know which way to get on, come on shorty
    You should've stayed around on the real, get lost shorty
    Now they sendin' your ass upstate for 40
    You wouldn't listen, now you just runnin' in Jordies
    Frontin' in the back of the building passin' 40's
    You ain't just built for war, you for the ball leagues
    But you'd rather front with them four niggas that's corny
    Never get money, they sit yappin' they jaw-pieces
    That's when they get broke, cracked in 44 pieces
    Meet you by the store for the one vision of glory
    Then I'mma tear your face off, it's mandatory
    I ball forever, through any category yo
    It's like a fresh Gucci mock against a Maury
    Catch me in a pool full of sharks, I wrestle surely
    The realest, fresh off the block with the porgies

    [Hook] x2

    Word, gotta school y'all little branch face ass niggas, man
    Stop fuckin' actin' like you're listenin' to the wrong niggas, man
    And keep them 71 characters out of your body too, man
    Niggas is just fuckin' up the whole poster right now, man

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