Mac Dre Young Black Brotha Lyrics

Young Black Brotha Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 2 Hard 4 the Fuckin' Radio
  • 2 All Damn Day
  • 3 2 the Double R 'Wit Coolio'
  • 4 On My Toes
  • 5 Get Some Get Right
  • 6 Young Playah
  • 7 California Livin'
  • 8 This Is the Mac
  • 9 I'm N Motion
  • 10 Nothin' Correctable (interlude)
  • 11 They Don't Understand 'Wit Ray Luv'
  • 12 Young Black Brotha
  • 13 The Romp Ya'll
  • 14 My Chevy 'Wit Mac Mall'
  • 15 The M.A.C & Mac D.R.E. 'Wit The Mac'
  • 16 Young Mac Dre
  • 17 Much Love 4 The Mac
  • 18 Gift 2 Gab
  • 19 A Piece From Khayree
  • 20 U Still Punk Police
  • 21 Out the Water (interlude)
  • Young black brotha can never be a lover
    He keeps a joint in one hand and heem in the other
    So fly you never see him buming
    He's never had a job and keeps a pocket full of money
    Live low daytons and vogues
    A beeper on his belt and a gang of hos
    Been in and out of jail sense the day he was ten
    The hall, the county, and next is the pen
    See really doesn't know what the games about
    Get in stack a bank and get the fuck out
    Because a D-boys life is cool at first
    But in the end it's the pen or even wares a hearst
    Young brotha loves to get keyed
    Cuz he feels so good when he's hitin' the weed
    He's never been ta high school let alone college
    Now so much game and to much knowledge
    Some call him a sad case but who do that figga
    Many wanna be like that young nigga
    And its not just him it's a nuther and a nether
    Cuz many of us live the liiffee of a young black bruutthhaaa

    Hes a young black bruutthhaaa

    18 years on this earth and Oakland is my place of berth
    And now the big CREST SIDE! is where I stay
    Mob shots
    Drop tops
    Bass cocaine and corked cops
    Niggas grinden to stak a bank
    And ta flip a fresh lode with the candy pant
    Some fail and some succeed
    Some seal coke and some seal weed
    Some pimp hos
    And some strate gank Any damn thang to stack that bank
    Young black brotha he's a bisnis man
    Tryin to make money any way he can
    Clockin hos Rollin voges Smokin the weed that's how it gos
    Young black brotha hes doin it man
    Getin at a ho with a brew in his hand
    He gets the number and then he burns rubber
    Cuz he's livin the liiffee of a young black bruutthhaaa

    He's a young black bruutthhaaa

    Khayree brake it down for me one time

    Hos jock they throw the cock
    At a young black brotha rosin to tha top
    Material strolla pushin' 1$ snakes
    And daytons and voges is all it takes
    For a young black brotha ta fill her like ?furrow?
    And straight thrust and finde him a new ho
    Be a Mac nigga a straight Mac nigga
    And kick back and let the bank get bigger
    Find a million doller spot but don't get hot
    Cuz you'll feel so dumb when you got popped
    Peep game and let the shit soak man
    Don't be a nuther little dope man
    Get in where you fit in if you don't then squeeze
    Stack Gs will you please
    I'm Mac dre baby the young black brotha
    The young nigga on tha album cover
    From the bay boy
    Mac dre boy
    The mutherfucking Mac ass play boy
    Mackin dope rhymes anouther and anouther
    Cuz I'm livin the liiffee of a young black bruutthhaaa

    Hes a young black brotha

    Ya I'd like say wus up to my young black brothas
    on the crest side tha best
    side ya young marty ya wus up merdot,
    kleep, nut ya we all kickin it tuff
    tryin ta get right about some game mayn

    My young black brothas, my young black brothas Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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