Angry Samoans You Stupid Asshole Lyrics

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One two three
You took your clothes off, I started to laugh
That's when I knew I was through
Guess I'll go, I'll take a bath
There's nothing else to do
You stupid a**hole
Girl you're making me sick
You stupid a**hole
Baby suck my ****!
One two, I'm lookin at you
And there ain't nothin I missed
Three four, I'm closin the door
Cause you no longer exist
Whip it out baby!
I hear these words pounding in my brain
I need a girl who puts out
But you don't and it's causing me pain
I'm in the middle of doubt
You stupid a**hole
Baby I'm one too
You stupid a**hole
I don't know what to do
One two, I'm lookin' at you
And there ain't nothin' I missed
Three four, you're just a f***ing whore!!!
Cause you no longer exist baby!!!
Cause you no longer exist!!!

Written by: Mike Saunders

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