Kid Rock You Never Met A Muthafucker Quite Like Me Lyrics


I've been on the cover of the Rollin' Stone
I met the president when I was half stoned
I been so high I've gotten confused
I been beat down, broke & used
I drank with hank, talked blues with Billy
Rocked with Run sang with shotgun Willy
Went from small time philly to big time Bobby
From 3 day old chili to sake with wasabi
I'm home hey I'm home
You Never Met A Muthafucker Quite Like Me
Not like me, dida dada like me, hey like me.

No more bein' poured drink specials at winners
Or being ignored by the think straight sinners
I used to smoke pinners while my mom's made dinner
Now I smoke bombs & rock with Lynyrd skynyrd
No beginners here I'm a seasoned vet
Educated on jazz by my man Ahmet
Ertegun, my friend I been the world 'N' back
But I'm Michigan boy can you feel that.

& I'm home
You Never Met A Muthafucker Quite Like Me
Not like me, God damn like me, hey hey like me.

Never thought I'd go as far in life as this
Never made par & I could give 2 shits
Never wanted sell cars 'cause my dad was a dit
Never wanted a guitar 'til I heard a lick like this.

& from the depths of dixie to my northern spots
You know it's time to rock when ol' glory drops!

I pimp through town with the top let back
Black hat, fine blonde, cold pabst in my lap
I'll adapt
To any & all situations
That's why they call me the pimp of the nation
Hey bitch you best believe I live in the woods not your world of greed
Might, a little weed might a little yeah
I'm so proud to be livin' in the USA.

You've Never Met A Muthafucker Quite Like Me
Hey hey like me, da di da da stay like me, hey hey hey like me
You ain't ever met & you ain't never gonna meet
You never met a, never met a, never never never never met a
Muthafucker quite like me
You Ain't Never Met A Mutha Like Me
Hey you ain't never never never never never met someone like me.
(Hey hey)
Never met like me,
(Hey hey)
(Hey dude hey)
Never met a mutha like me
(Come on, hey)
& you never & never gonna never gonna meet
(Hey come on already)
You never met...
(Dude, there's more to life than just you)

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