Punchline You Mean the World to Me Lyrics

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Can't breathe.
I don't know why you do this to me.
Stop please.
At least show me some sympathy.
Far from me, you will be gone.
Left with my memories of what should've been
I try hard not to smile when you're around.
All awhile you're still smiling away from me.
Be careful with that heart in your hands
cause its mine It's been broken and battered many times before
So I left it at your door on Valentines Day
Because You mean the world to me.
Not sure how to tell you i think about you all the time.
(You must be blind)
But I've gotta tell you somehow.
Where to start?
From my heart's gone.
You remain
a mystery as i take a look into your eyes
(you're a star so bright)
You could light a thousand skies.
Sweeter than the candy in your hands.

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