Maria Mena You Make Me Feel Good Lyrics

You’d be the last one to ever confess
That we hadn’t been all good so I was impressed
That once I was done fighting, (the) problem was found.
You held me responsible but still stuck around.

It’s the end of an era for the powerless pair
Let’s regain our strength while we let down our hair
And toast to our future and tumultuous past
If ever we’re down again say this too shall pass..

You make me feel good.

I’m all for romance but I now know too much.
Than to dream of a life made of fluff, out of touch.
I chose out of love made by two open hearts.
I know that I’m loved for me, not playing a part.

There’s no point in fighting, our aim is the same.
A marriage where balance takes over the reins
A place where we both have individual minds
That melt into one clear thought once in a while.

You make me feel good.

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