You-Love-Like-Nobody-Loves-Me-lyrics-Tal-Bachman/9EACC3B4970494054825689400259131You-Love-Like-Nobody-Loves-Me-lyrics-Tal-Bachman/9EACC3B4970494054825689400259131 Tal Bachman Lyrics

Tal Bachman Lyrics

I'm a difficult man
I admit I'm not easy
At the drop of a tear
I can turn right away

And all the heartaches I've seen
One after another
Can make a man mean enough
To feel afraid

And nobody cares no one really knows me
And nobody shares the other side of me
But you love like nobody loves me

I was there all the time
Even I couldn't find me
So how did you see what made you believe


You delivered my heart
One beat at a time after time after time


So how did you see what made you believe

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