The Black Angels You in Color Lyrics

Directions to See a Ghost Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 You on the Run
  • 2 Doves
  • 3 Science Killer
  • 4 Mission District
  • 5 18 Years
  • 6 Deer-Ree-Shee
  • 7 Never/Ever
  • 8 Vikings
  • 9 You in Color
  • 10 The Return
  • 11 Snake in the Grass
  • Well I see, you see,
    you in color
    You're not my friend,
    and you're not my brother
    We agree to be enemies

    The Queen called, and
    she wants her land back
    I suggest that you do just that
    Black briefcase,
    with a silver lining
    Open it up, and
    look inside see

    Well I see, you see,
    you in color
    Now we're friends,
    yes, we're blood brothers,
    part Cherokee and
    quarter Shawnee
    You saw what happened
    at Wounded Knee

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