Don Gibson You Don't Knock Lyrics

God Walks These Hills Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 God Walks These Hills With Me
  • 2 You Don't Knock
  • 3 If I Can Help Somebody
  • 4 Do You Know My Jesus
  • 5 Then I Met the Master
  • 6 Old Ship of Zion
  • 7 Hide Me, Rock of Ages
  • 8 Where Else Would I Want to Be
  • 9 He's Everywhere
  • 10 When They Ring the Golden Bells
  • 11 Be Ready
  • 12 I'd Rather Have Jesus

    Writer W. Westbrook and C.A. Walton

    You don't knock you just walk on in the door to heaven's inn
    There's love and joy for you to share the whole day through
    I know my friends are there to rest in the heaven's nest
    You don't knock ring punch a hole
    The door's wide open just a waitin' for your soul
    You don't knock just walk on in
    I've traveled life's winding road tired with this load
    I traveled both night and day so tired hardly bear
    Now he's my guiding light and ever by my side
    So I'm walkin' not knockin' to heaven with pride
    Well you don't knock you just walk on in...
    Well you don't knock you just walk on in...
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