Nazareth You Don't Believe in Us Lyrics

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I only needed some time
You took more than you gave and you sat on the line

I never asked you for nothing
I only looked for a chance
I only needed some help I never asked for this dance

Now you’re holding the aces
The world is under your feet
There’ll come a day when you smile and you won’t look so sweet

You never gave me no favors
I never owed you a thing
You’ll never know why you dream what tomorrow will bring

You don’t believe in don’t believe in us
You only wanted our mind
You don’t believe in don’t believe in us
You’re only payin’ our time

You never gave me no answers
You never showed me no clues
The day will come when I’ll watch you take a walk in my shoes

You never saw when I caught it
You never opened your eyes
You’ll never see where you stand when your head’s in the skies


(McCafferty, Agnew, Charlton, Sweet)
1984 Fool Circle Music

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