James Otto You Don’t Act Like My Woman Lyrics

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We've been fussin' and fightin' about what I don't understand
There's a distance between us and tonight you're forcin' my hand
And I can't explain how we've found ourselves here where we are
On the edge of good-bye, broken dreams, broken hearts
How did it go this far, well

I'll make the first move and I'll say I'm sorry
And I'll take the blame for the things that I've done
Cause we'll both lose more than our pride
If we don' make a stand
You don' act like my woman and I don't feel like your man
You don't act like my woman and I don't feel like your man

The passion that once burned so strong is barely a flame
I don't know where it happened but somehow we both lost our way
It's sad how we never made love unless we're makin' up
Can we find our way back to the love to the trust
Cause girl this don't feel like us, so


Baby if you ever wonder if I still love you
Well girl never wonder again
We can find our way out of this cloud we've been under
If we fight for who we were back then


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