Nas You Can't Stop Us Now Lyrics

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From Willie Lynch to Willie Hutch
Right on
We superfly
Made Gucci this ****, Louie too
Suits and ties

Player trophies
Pray to Goldie
Picture wax museums full of Black Panther triple OG's
Aunt Jemima hoes
Historic horse ****
Girls from long time ago
Stagecoach with the horse, kid

Witch doctors
Good old pickpockets
Sip moonshine
So-called coons, shines and darkies
I love ya'll
Pyramids to cotton fields to Wrigley Fields
Forgotten men who didn't get killed
Christmas addicts

The first blast and peace to the rich lady
Purse snatcher shot in the back
I know your hunger, kid
I know they hung your dad
Burnt your mama crib
I know that hurt you bad
Mystery shows

From gold to shackles and back to gold
We act like we home
Matter fact, we are home
Bad attitudes
Octoroon skin tones
Slave food turned to soul food
Collards and neck bones
Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag
Bet she had a ***** with her to help her old ***

As James Baldwin says
You can only be destroyed by believing
That you really are what the white world considers
A ******

No matter how hard you try
You can't stop us now

Can't be stopped
Yo on Dateline
The other night they showed hate crimes
Gave a Blood time
'Cause he fought with his canine
Humane Society

Go to China, see how they dine
See what they eat
Better yet ask PETA whoever
Which animal makes suede
If not for suede would you have survived the Dark Ages?
Cannibal ways of the anti-Caucasians
Still you like your steak tartar
Pinot noir

David Starr on the chain of Sammy Davis
He helped pave the way for Southern crankers and them Harlem shakers
Now we getting our papers
And try to censor the words
To stop our money coming
But you can't escape us

No matter how hard you try
You can't stop us now [Repeat: x 2]

You can't stop us now

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