Trey Songz You Belong to Me Lyrics

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Intro: You belong to me tonite Girl ( I been looking for)
I been looking for real love WoooWoo

You belong to me (you) tonite my love(love)
All I wanna do is make love slow
Girl I wanna make love slow, yeah(yeah)

Girl you know your body deserve, deserve
Everything on this earth I'll give it to you (you)
Oh I'll give it to you yeah(yeah)

And since we only in the first verse(verse X2)
Girl take off that purse(purse)
And get in this room O get in this room (room X2)
Now baby O baby I'm Ready (so ready)
Imma take control if you let me inside of your world(let me inside)
Please don't be afraid girl noooo
Tempo slow Lights down low Now tell me if you like down low (u like that)
I'll go (I'll go down) Cause I just wanna please you (fosho)
Believe me when I tell you that I need you.


And if I can't have your body (your body)
I don't wanna have nobody (nobody)
I rather be alone (alone)
Ain't no subsitute
They can't do what you doooo for me
Would you please take your clothes off or
Would you rather me do that part
Cause I don't mind noooo No I don't mind nooo
Button after button now the blouse coming off
Kissing on your stomach now your skirt coming off
You Feel! so soft Where Is! your spot
Kiss until I find it, must you be reminded


Ow there is no thrill like the thrill I feel making love to you
You you making love too you
And I can't wrap my mind around it woman your beauty perplexes me!

You Belong to me, you Belong to me girl
Your mine your mine....