Blood on the Dance Floor You Are the Heart Lyrics

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Every 14.2 minutes someone in the united states dies by suicide
Nearly 1, 000, 000 people make a suicide attempt every year
90% of people who die by suicide had a treatable mental disorder when they died
This is our message to give hope back
To those who are lost in despair

Staring blank at the wall
Never been so alone
Why can't they get me
Would they care if I was gone
Spinning around all alone
In my head tonight
Would it all be so easy
Would they ever miss me

You can't let them win
I won't let you give in, in

You are the heart
That beats inside of me
If you give up tonight
You give up on me
Don't go out
So don't go out
Like a teenage tragedy

You are screaming
Seems like no one's listening
You want to be found
No one knows you're missing
You wonder why
There's no tears when you cry
And it feels Like goodbye
Well, not tonight

Every sad ending
Has a new beginning

Stand up and fight
Don't let them hold you down
It can't end tonight
We gotta hold our ground
Not going out
Not going out
Like a teenage tragedy

Put down the knife
Take back your life

Boom boom boom
You are the heart inside
Boom boom boom
You are the heart inside of me Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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