Hank Thompson You Always Hurt the One You Love Lyrics

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You always hurt the one you love
The one you shouldn't hurt at all
You always take the sweetest rose
And crush it 'till the petals fall
You always break the kindest heart
With a hasty word you can't recall
So If I broke your heart last night,
It's because I love you most of all
You Always Hurt the One You Love Track Listing
Vinyl 1
  • 1 You Always Hurt the One You Love
  • 2 Will We Start It All Over Again
  • 3 You Were the Cause (Of It All)
  • 4 Drop Me Gently
  • 5 Grass Looks Greener Over Yonder
  • 6 I Cast a Lonesome Shadow
  • 7 How Many Teardrops (Will It take)
  • 8 Mary Had a Little Lamb
  • 9 Don't Make Me Cry Again
  • 10 I'd Look Forward to Tomorrow

  • Written by: Allan Roberts, Doris Fisher
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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