Webbie feat. Big Head You a Trip Lyrics

Wassup wassup wassup
Turn it up
Trill e-n-t young Savage
Just some gangsta **** for the gangstas to ride to

"Damn mane, what you don't **** with a ***** no mo? "
Don't even come at me like that!
"Damn *****, Webbie, where you been at? "
Out here gettin' rich *****. **** out my face
I'm a ****in' hustler *****, I ain't got time to be playin' *****, I'm tryin' get it
(I'm tryin' to do somethin')

Check me out, look

Now I'ma tell you like a man, I don't owe ya'll ****
And I'm gonna say this **** again
I don't owe ya'll ****
But before a ***** had somethin, (shitt)
I ain't have nothin (my kids)
Yeah they still love me (friends)
I had a couple of em
Wasn't nobody fussin', tryin' to see what was up
When my shoes was been dusty, with a hole in the front
And I'd get mad at Lil Slugger, he put a hole in the blunt
When my daddy lost the house, moved with grandma for a month
Then that month turned into a year
And I turned straight to them streets

Then my dog gave me that b
I turned the **** to that heat
Them school fights turned to that beef
And we was gon' fall for that street
Then my ***** turned to that piece
I ain't seen him since I was 13
I get home and catch my knees
This rap **** was just a dream
Wasn't nobody mad at me tellin' me about how I need to come see em
I ain't have a car, I just need some new rims
Just tell ole boy he just got a new Benz
My daddy used to tell me that I needed some new friends
I guess back then, it just didn't make sense

Now come on
Keep it trill
You been knowin' me since I was lil
And you ain't even take me serious mane that's why a ***** feel like (you a trip!)
How you be trippin' (you a trip!)
I be trippin' (you a trip!)
How I be glistenin' (you a trip!)
It's a trip over position (you a trip!)
It's a trip how you miss me (you a trip!)
Now don't take it wrong and think I'm trippin' 'cause I'm on
But um really you can go on and leave me the **** alone (you a trip!)
How you be trippin' (you a trip!)
I be trippin' (you a trip!)
How I be glistenin' (you a trip!)
It's a trip over position (you a trip!)
It's a trip how you miss me (you a trip!)

I had to tell lil ***** from the club
I'm still the same ***** from the mud
So watch how you be runnin' up questionin' me about stupid stuff
I'm well known from the boot and up
Don't come up to me with that bootin' up
Mane how I been movin' up
I really hate to have to go and shoot ya up
In just 2000 I was ridin' a bus
Show up at school, get expelled, **** it
I'm out here, If I go to jail, **** it

Didn't this many people care for me
Now a ***** rich you is there for me
And I owe you this and I owe you that (What?)
You not nothin' till you got somethin', everybody love ya
Pops told me that
*****s ain't ****, life showed me that
They done stole from me
They done hold me back
You round here actin' like hoes would act
Tell me how I'm supposed to act
I see yo ***, be yo ***
Comin' up, I ain't barely see yo ***
Tryin' to be me, be done beat yo ***
Hard head, make a ***** teach yo ***
Tell you the truth, I don't need yo ***
All I really need is my dog fans
And all my people that I feel fam
This big glock 40 and Trill Fam
Ya'll look mad, I'mma steal laugh
Them new Camaros go real fast
They don't come out till "09" already got mine
Man I'm fittin' to act a dog now


Look, Big Head the same ***** till he dead and gone
The same ***** that wasn't allowed in yo home
The same ***** that did that same dirt with that chrome
The same ***** that did them same jokestas all along
Why would I change now
Just because the camera's on
And yo girl got my **** in her camera phone
Mane let me do my thing
I'm in that zone
You hatin' cause I'm makin' and you dead wrong
Well if you ain't gon' kill me
Ain't no stoppin' me
Watch, I get the whole board on Monopoly
Matter fact, **** ya'll with a apostrophe
That is how you want it
So that is how it gotta be
I probably pop yo *** approximately with 6 slugs
While Turk and Mel buy the judge
You got a grudge but remember I don't give a ****
Whenever you get mad enough,
Try yo luck!


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