Rockie Fresh You a Lie Lyrics

Driving 88 Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Into the Future
  • 2 Driving 88
  • 3 Never Never
  • 4 Dont Worry
  • 5 You a Lie
  • 6 Turn It Up
  • 7 Twenties
  • 8 How We Do
  • 9 Come Around
  • 10 No Fear
  • 11 Respected
  • 12 Interlude
  • 13 Where I Wanna Be
  • 14 Doesn't Matter
  • 15 I Love It
  • 16 So Long
  • [Verse 1:]
    Bitch I'm out here grinding, crib like King of Diamonds
    You can catch me wearing (two chains), yeah I'm shining
    With my nigga freshgoods, making sure them checks good
    Gotta feed the homies, real players with respect would
    These flashing lights is blinding, go get them a visor
    Call the beat a gas leak and I set this shit on fire
    And I don't fuck with liars, only tell the truth
    Honesty is key and that is in and out the booth
    Ball while they in the bleachers, so high they can't reach us
    I dropped out of college and made more dough than my teachers

    Definition of swagging, all off of my passion
    One time for real niggas that's out there making it happen

    A middle finger to them niggas who say that we ain't fly
    We above all the drama cause we out here staying high
    You gon' see a real nigga when you look me in the eye
    I'm a leader in this bitch and homie I can tell you why
    I'm on fire, you say you on fire, then nigga you a lie [x4]

    [Verse 2:]
    Now while in deep thought, when I was high
    Thought about the time that I
    Wasn't picked to be a leader in the Chi
    Just a young nigga, trying to get up out the jam
    Me and niggas ain't know none of 'em, niggas like, "Damn"
    People I ain't know trying to say they my fam
    They see the jewels and they try to play Cam
    Tell em they can dip if they ain't running with the set
    And if you got money you can go and place a bet
    I'll be in the sky cause riding on the jet
    Rolling up the wet, I'm never getting seen
    Because I got a name and a brand to protect
    And all I ask for the people is respect
    In return they're gon' get the same thing
    They took a young player from the Chi off the bench
    Now they're about to watch the whole game change
    Remember my name, and understand that I'm a go-getter
    Money maker, made a promise, I can't be no broke nigga
    That would be a let-down, like unraveling and a broke swisher
    Me and success is a gold picture, you on the same then I fuck witcha


    I'm on a roll
    They hating on the low
    I get to chill with hella hoes
    Yeah Rockie on a roll
    Makin hell the dough
    Out here rocking hella shows
    And the whole city knows


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