Maria Taylor You've Got a Way With the Light Lyrics

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I love you today like the first night of May
We were waiting for the sun
The blossoms that fell were the first ones to tell
April’s come undone

Baby I’ll keep all the paintings you make
As the winter keeps the spring
You got a way with the light
I got the evening

The garden you laid on the warm saturdays
As the summer passed us by
It holds me in faith as the sky goes to grey
If only for a while

Baby I know that the fire’s getting low
And soon will fall to ash
But you got a shine in your eyes
That I won’t ever have

Never look down at the holes in the ground
Keep your eyes ahead
Burn like a ray through tomorrow
Today is already in the past

And when the day comes that tomorrow is done
And you are left behind
I’ll have the light in your eyes
And you’ll have all of mine

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