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Carole King Lyrics

Waking up alone, I find my mind is reaching out to distant corners
Crystal mourners are drawing me to Babylon
Can you really stay yourself and flow with dedication
You're the one who knows and now you're gone

We got a feeling and I'm gonna try to keep it for a long time
It was a wrong time, though we had so much to travel on
Can you hold the love I gave in joyful consummation
You're the one who knows and now you're gone

Can you see my reflection in the facets of the prisms that you gave me
One day I am yellow
One day I am blue--can you save me

I'll be yours forever in the secret magic forest
That we dreamed about together
Can you see the color that I am today
I know I wanna stay in a good way

Waking up alone I find my mind is calling out
And I know you feel me
You know the real me is whatever color love takes on
Can you live with someone who's a mistress of illusion
You're the one who knows and now you're gone

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