Van Morrison You're The One I Adore Lyrics

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You're The One I Adore
Van Morrison & Bobby Blue Bland
Live Concert Manchester, March 17, 2000

Bobby: Ev'ryday
Van: You're the one
Bobby: Y'uh-huh
Van: That I adore
Bobby: You're the one-un, that I adore
You the one, ooh darling, yes
You the one
Van: You're the one, baby

Van: Tell me, am I
You're the one that you keep me satisfied
Bobby: Keep me satisfied
Van: Lord, you, you're the one
Standin' right by my side
Bobby: Uh-huh
Van: You know, oh darlin'
Bobby: Oh darlin'
Van: Nobody but you
Bobby: Nobody
Van: Nobody but you

Bobby: Nobody knows all the trouble I've seen
Know that nobody, nobody but you
And that makes you
That makes you, that makes you the one
That I adore
Say you are the lonely one
That I know I adore

Van: Ooh darlin', Lord
Said, you-you-you, you-you-you
You-you-you, you, ain't nobody but you, child

(piano & instrumental)

Bobby spoken: Take your time, son
Take your time
I hear you, if you sing

Van: That's Robert Es ?

Bobby: Let's hear it for.

Nobody know, nobody knows
Nobody knows, nobody knows
The troubles I've seen
Bobby: Trouble I've seen

Van: Baby-baby-baby, baby
Nobody, nobody, nobody
Nobody, but you

Van: That makes you the one
Bobby: That makes you the one
Oh, that I adore, n'huh-huh
Lord-lord-lord, Lord-lord-lord
Bobby: Look out son!
Lord-lord-lord, Lord-lord
Van: What she say?

And know, oh darlin'
Lord, you're the one
Hey, you're the one, I adore-ore

Bobby: Yeah, yeah
Alright, yeah

Van spoken:
The master, the master, Bobby Blue Bland.

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