Barry Manilow You're Runnin' Too Hard Lyrics

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Look in the mirror and tell me what you see
You know that we’re alone you know that you can talk to me
I know what you’ve been gong through
I know how bad it’s been
But all the pain just don’t explain the shape I see you in
You should know your heart so you’re trying to forget
By staying out all night and smoking all those cigarettes
You’re making it with everyone and faking it real good
But it seems to be the remedy doing what it should

You’re running to hard and you’re running too fast
You know no matter where you go you can’t escape the past
You’re running too hard and you’re starting to show
You better slow down cause you still got a long way to go

You won’t sleep alone so you sleep all over town
You take a pill to wake you up and drink to bring you down
You tell your friends you’re fine and you love the life you got
The more you say that you’re okay the more you know you’re not
Party, party you’re all above the crowd
You know you’re jokes are stale you laughing so loud
You take a drink, a drink, a drink to kill those memories
But it seems to me the cure you see is worse than you’re disease
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