You're-Over-lyrics-Parkway-Drive/922297E9DD8D3E624825782500418981You're-Over-lyrics-Parkway-Drive/922297E9DD8D3E624825782500418981You're-Over-lyrics-Parkway-Drive/922297E9DD8D3E624825782500418981 Parkway Drive Lyrics

Parkway Drive Lyrics

Don't make me laugh
Reduce yourself to a poisoned mess
It's so amazing
What passes for cool these days
Another trend?
Or just a wish
So when did it come down to this
Fashion victim
Takes on a whole new meaning
"It's just for fun..."
Hey, I'm sure it is
So tell me is that fun
Convulsing on the door
Open your eyes
You're walking the path to your self destruction
The higher you fly, the further you fall
Don't make me laugh
I wish I had the strength
To tear your eyelids off
You fool
You fucking fall
It's hard to fly, with wings of stone
So hard to fly, with wings of stone

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