George Canyon You're In The Right Place Lyrics

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He left Louisiana on a greyhound bus
Kicked off in Indiana, no idea where he was
With an empty stomach full of anger and doubts
Finally stole his way to a half-way house
And there a little grey-haired woman on a life long mission
Took him by the hand, said, "Boy, now you listen."

If you've lost your way, that's o.k.
Trust in me and have some faith
You know where one road ends, one more begins
Something brought you here today
If you're lost, you're in the right place

So, he went to diesel college on that little old lady's dime
Leased a fillin' station across the county line
One cold rainy night he was fixin' a flat
When Sarah rolled into his life needin' a map
He could tell she was running
She could tell he had a good heart
She said, "I don't know where I'm going."
He said, "I've been where you are."


Well, that map that he gave her, she never opened up
Before morning came they'd both found love
And the days and the months and the years went by
Like that gallons of gas and cars through the drive
Sarah had just left the doctor
She could wait to share the good news
When a drunk driver stopped her out on route '62
Not knowing where to turn, he left that cemetery
Trying to out run the pain that he couldn't bury
He ran out of gas beside a little country church
And through an open window he heard these words


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