Ryan Leslie You're Fly Lyrics

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We started out as friends
Now we friends with benefits
When the freaking began
That's the end of the innocence
Speaking ol' innocence, baby I can remember when
I never used to call you, I was a gentleman
I, was on my cash grind
I had to make moves
And when I got mine, I came and get you
You couldn't believe the way I flipped it
Did it that smooth
I couldn't believe it was that easy to impress you

Its so uncanny how I knew that you were the one
You were a pretty little thing, had all the fun
I been to city after city, looking for love
I, want, you, ah
I wouldn't spend a penny though I had all the change
You made me switch now I'm thinking another way
And outta all these other women I got to say
I, want, you, ah

You can see it when you look around
(Yea, said, it's obvious to everybody I'm staring at you)
I'm so happy that I finally found
(I found someone to show my love, yea, and it's you babe)
And I notice that your love is real
(cause I never found anything like this, only when I'm around you)
It's reflected in the way I feel
(How much said though I'm sure you know)

Baby you're fly
Baby you're fly
I love the way you walk
And the look in your eye
Maybe it's lust
Maybe it's me
But you can be sure I'll give you what you need
You're fly girl, and baby it shows
I would tell the world but they already know
Baby you're fly
Take it from me
You can be sure I'll give you what you need

Tonight I wanna try to engage your mind
I know you must be tired of hearing the same old line
Bout how they want you but they really ain't saying it right
I, want, you, (I know you like that)
If you feeling what I'm saying then understand
I'ma stroke your body like it's an instrument
I'ma show you why my touch is so in demand
When I, touch, you, uh



Let me talk to you,
See I knew you was a dime when I met you on Broadway
Told you, you was fly, you said "that's what they all say"
I made it easy; you showed me the hard way
Even though the look in your eye was like foreplay
I got some great taste in women
I've had a lot but when it comes to great face, you're winning
Very familiar, with private spots, lace the linen
It's like a curse with a gift I've been given, that's how I'm living

[Chorus x2]

Tonight, uh, baby, yeah
Hey, yeah, uh, rock with me now

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