Rusko Year 3000 Style (Intro) Lyrics

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I think when it comes to music and everything the man has to experiment.
Music to me... you see, most music is creative music.
You understand? That means its original, it comes from the heart.
So what ever is in your heart, and you feel that you want to create a different sound, you create that different sound.
So who is anybody to say there's any boundaries? (Yeah, yeah) You understand?
'Cause, if you check it out, you check out all the man, them like King () and them and them, what were they doing? They were pushing boundaries!
You see, at the time, when that kinda music was out, it was kinda on a different vibe.
They pushed the boundaries! And made different sounds, and experimented with sounds and echo, reverb and all them kinda somethings. So what we're doing is the same thing.
We're taking it from that school and biggin' it up even to a different dimension, that is why Year 3000 Style. Because you're creating something different.
You're coming from the foundation, thats where you grew up, in that school.
And then from there, thats the foundation, you start biggin' on top of that.
That's what its about, thats what music is about.

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