Ransom Y'all Don't Hear Me (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Yeah, yeah, y’all don’t really, y’all don’t really
Y’all niggas forgot about him, niggas just gotta doubt him, yeah
Fire on the record, these niggas just trying out on him
Bitches crawls round him, tryina get the scoop on him
Bruce Bowen in this purp, these niggas can’t shoot on him
Bite hard enough and you gonn break a tooth on him
Niggas scared to get me on they track it’s like the booth’s on them
My nigga who won it? We fin to find out
Rob a nigga for his watch, he on time out
Deep in the struggle, my niggas is tryina climb out
Gorillas black for that gravy, whenever shine’s out
What? I’m too big for, these little rappers coming up
See what I did for em? Took out my rib for em, yeah
Lost my crib for em, yeah, I went to jail over rap
I lost my kid for em, this what I did for em
Now I’m real form, these industry niggas act like the fear gone
Don’t even steer wrong
Real niggas drop the 10 for him
Rat his back you ain’t hear wrong
Nigga I’m like harry on, deep inside your burial
Bring them tecs in for them bills like Mario
Cali coke, make a giant jet just like plexico
And don’t nobody ever have to know
Hex these niggas if I raised them
Hex them if they played the maxim
If they had me up against the best and couldn’t raid them
Hex ‘em if they hate ‘em
How could you replace it
That you couldn’t motherfucking ask him if he paid up
Yeah, and still I let the beef die, y’all don’t even see why
It’s time that they let this man in, Eli
I bet y’all niggas see now, the dawn of this rap game
Speeding all I do is ride my cars in the fast lane
I got em leaning like a back pain
Let’s see how your favorite rapper act when all them cats flame

Yeah, yeah, y’all don’t really, y’all don’t really hear me though
I’m the best!

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