Unbunny X Lyrics

Typist Track Listing
  • 1 Entrance
  • 2 The Path
  • 3 Landscape Typing
  • 4 X
  • 5 Typist
  • 6 Ginger Tussle
  • Tonight, I'm staring out the window
    I've got Brian Eno on the stereo
    And tonight, you're gonna be my widow
    The only way to get you back
    Is to get you dressed in black
    'Cause I'm still a fraud. I'm still a fake
    I'm self-absorbed and I don't talk straight
    I'm full of s***. I'm full of lies.
    I can't be trusted, but I'll let you try
    I'm insincere, and I'll let you down
    Burn all my bridges, jerk you around
    And I am not honest, I'm way off track
    You gave me chances, I gave them back
    I guess you were right. I guess I was scared
    But I'm too opaque to show if I care.
    I'm quick to judge. I'm slow to change.
    I'll talk about you when you're out of range.
    I wish I was different. I wish I was good.
    But, no one can save me and nobody should.
    Afraid of decisions, afraid of love
    Afraid of the future, all of the above.
    I look for shortcuts when conflict arises
    A sleight of hand, elaborate disguises
    I lack respect. I lack intent.
    I know that I'm careless, and I won't relent.
    'Cause I can't relent.

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