DJ Fresh X Project (intro) Lyrics

Escape from Planet Monday Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Nervous
  • 2 The Pink Panther
  • 3 All That Jazz
  • 4 Babylon Rising
  • 5 Closer
  • 6 X Project (intro)
  • 7 X Project
  • 8 The Immortal
  • 9 Submarines (Domestic Cold War edit)
  • 10 Funk Academy (intro)
  • 11 Funk Academy
  • 12 The Looking Glass
  • 13 All Strung Out (Thunder VIP)
  • 14 Throw (intro)
  • 15 Throw / [unknown]
  • X Project

    General ... fighters have annihilated the enemy.

    [The general:]
    Hurry up; tell me what's happened. What's the outcome of the battle?

    [The subordinate:]
    Well, it is failed, sir.

    [The general:]
    What do you mean 'failed'?

    [The subordinate:]
    The Astro fighters launched (from) Pluto Base have been completely destroyed in course of action, sir.

    [The general:]
    That means invasion is imminent.

    [The adviser:]
    Yes, sir. We don't have time to assemble our ocean fleet now.

    [The general:]
    Our only hope is the X Project. Contact our moon base.

    [The adviser:]
    Yes, sir. Contact Doctor ... moon base.

    [The subordinate:]
    Yes, sir.

    [The doctor:]
    I've heard of the bad news.

    [The general:]
    Doctor, I need your help.

    [The doctor:]
    Nothing I can do, General.

    [The general:]
    You must. The Astro fighters have been completely destroyed.

    X Project; even the name sounds mysterious.
    I wonder what it will mean?
    I guess we'll soon know.

    [The general:]
    Finally the time has come to launch our secret X Project.

    [The doctor:]
    But it's only 90% ready, General.

    [The general:]
    Well, in other words it's almost completed.

    Any time you like, we'd appreciate knowing what X Project is all about.

    [The doctor:]
    You'll know its secret soon enough.

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