Tabi Bonney Write With The Wrong Hand (Interlude) Lyrics

Oh, there was a long period in my life when I thought maybe I might have been that, that guy in the family. You know, that cool older uncle that would show up at every event through the year with a different girlfriend. Like a girl for every season. You know, a girl for thanksgiving, a girl for Christmas, a girl for New Year’s, a girl for Easter, you know? And so on. And I didn’t want to be that guy but I just had to prepare myself for the worst, mate just because it was a bleak situation. I hadn’t found no girls out there that were my speed, you know? There was a girl I dated that thought Atlanta was a state. There was a girl I dated that used to offer detailed information about her own bowel movements. You know? It’s just weird. There was the girl that used to personify her abs. she used to talk about her abs like they were a person cuz she used to work out all the time. So, you know, we’d go out to eat and she’d say “well, I want the potatoes, put me abs down”. It was just so strange. It just, it it really made a person mistake. I mean I considered being a monk for a while. But I didn’t think that would go well just because, you know, I like to rock a fresh pair of Nike’s and I didn’t think you’d be able to do that with the rope that they require. But I gotta admit. I was wrong. You know, cuz I really feel this good about this girl now. Really good, and I asked my dad. I said “dad, how do I know, you know, if she’s the one or not?”. And he said “well, son, what hand do you write with?”. And I said “my right hand”. And he said “well, how do you know?”. And I said “well, I just do. It just feels right, I just do it”. And he said “exactly”. You know, like that’s it. That’s what finding the one is. It’s knowing what hand to write with. That comfortable feelin’ will come naturally, don’t worry about trying to find it. And everybody else that you date until you find that one is you trying to write with the wrong hand, mate.

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