Lili Haydn Wounded Dove Lyrics

Light Blue Sun Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Light Blue Sun (Prelude)
  • 2 Come Here
  • 3 Anything
  • 4 Wounded Dove
  • 5 The Longing
  • 6 Denied
  • 7 The Chinese Song
  • 8 Sweetness
  • 9 Seek
  • 10 Home
  • 11 The Promised Land
  • 12 Anything (radio edit)

  • Wounded dove
    I hear the other side can be quite alluring
    Wounded Dove
    I 'll hold your hand through all the pain youre enduring

    And these are some dark, dark times
    And I know you're tired
    Maybe If I loved you more, Maybe I'd let you die
    But I want you, I want you
    To stay my baby
    I'm making a claim on your life
    I know it won't be the same
    But I'm saving you a place by my side
    By my side

    Wounded Dove
    What can you tell me 'bout the place between the places?
    Wounded dove
    What must you think of all these concerned faces?

    And these are some trying times
    And I believe its all divine
    But the moment has arrived
    Do you want to live or die?

    {Chorus repeat}

    Each second holds a promise

    I want you I want you to stay my baby
    I'm making a claim on your life
    I know it wount be the same
    But I'm saving your place by my side
    I may not be right
    You know I'll stand by
    Whatever it is you decide
    Please look in my eyes
    If this is your time
    Save me a place by your side
    By your side...

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