Angel Haze Worst Behavior (Remix) Lyrics

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Fuck he never loved us
Motherfucker never loved us
You ain't know then you know now
From the bottom of my heart I give no fucks
Ah shit, no, just a motherfucking anthem
And I ain't gotta say shit, you ain't gotta ask
Nigga, that sure be standard
Yeah, I think about the paper, hoe
You know how money make a hoe
I used to floss hard and ain't had shit
Yes, you gotta take it till you make it
So I stayed with a Jamaican and I salam aleikum
And a bunch of fucking models only party on occasion
And I live up in that penthouse but I never let the bathing
Once you understand trajectory you know the type of bases

Yo, got 'em covering they faces
These bitches can't take this shit
Don't invest myself in nothing
These bitches are fake as shit
Fake as shit, faking it
Guess you gotta take till you make it there
Have some down ass bitches from the break and shit
Up from bottom where I'm taking them

So sorry about the last song
I just get a little mad with the passion
Get a little bit fucked in cerebral
It just get a little drop when I'm evil
Just a little more aggressive when I need to
And a little more reflective when I see you
I don't listen to my pride when it's tuck in
You just finna get the better when it fades you
So got it when it fades you
The life's a fucking evil
I ain't tryna have it all, right? No
I'm just tryna make it equal
'Cause you know me, bitch you know me
That track yours, better cuff back tight
Fucking everything drop, nigga OPP
Yeah, come dance with the devil
Screw your head on tight, bitch, dance with a rebel
Understand a rose from the thorns and the petal
When you know the game yours you don't even need a medal
Schooling these niggas, I might grant you a scholarship
I do it for the passion, you can do it for acknowledgement
The pictures for this fame, I just had to go and crop a bit
I'm on my worst behavior, nigga fucking no apologies

Worst behavior
Don't you ever get it fucked up
Worst behavior
Nigga, who is next up? Yeah
Worst behavior
On my worst behavior
Where'd he go, bitch?

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