Babyface Work It Out Lyrics

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Said its a long nights(?)
No rest for the weary
Your baby keep cryin'
He just won't go to bed
Feels like you gon' die
You know you gotta get up early
Thereas not enough time for love
Cause if you can't get what you want

Well Ima work it out work it out work it out work it out
So we can think it out think it out think it out
Well Ima work it out work it out work it out work it out
There ain't no...?...I'm working it ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

The rent is fast too
Your not gonna make it
The telephone haunts you
You just can't pay the bills (you just can't pay the bills)
Your car is broke down
And the babys gotta go to school
Your feelin left out
Like nobody's gonna care for you (care for you baby)
Well I gotta go crib girl
A room for your kid girl
So just put your mind at ease
'cause I've got the cash girl
To pay down your rent girl
So you can spend time with
Spend some time with me

[Chorus 2]
Rap break
Sugar sugar sugar sugar

I've gotta a crib baby
A room for you kid baby
I pay the rent baby

Written by: Lars Kronlund, Daniel Wahlgren, Hanifah Robinson, Yancy Lambert, Annabi Amina
Lyrics © Peermusic Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group

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