Toni Braxton Woman Lyrics

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Worked late, but you don't wait up
My bones ache; I'm cleaning the place up
Sometimes I don't even know why I care

I sit down; I take off my make-up
I lay down, but you don't wake up
Sometimes I wonder if you know I'm there

I can't remember the last time you told me I'm beautiful
And I can't remember the last time that you said anything at all

I'm a woman
A woman with a heart
And I deserve your all
I'm not some girl who don't know what she wants
I'm a woman
And I need to be touched
And I need to be loved
'Cause being just your woman is not enough

Now I hope that you don't wake up
When it's too late to make up
You'll be the one that's alone and that's so sad

Ooo, in time you'll find somebody
The truth is she'll never be me
That's when you're going to miss what we had

Oh, all I really needed to hear was "you're beautiful"
And all I really needed to hear was anything at all


I'm not your friend who only needs you sometimes
If I'm your lady, you got to treat me like



Written by: Steven Mccutcheon, Wayne Anthony Hector

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