H-Town Woman's Anthem Lyrics

Ladie's Edition Track Listing
  • 1 Woman's Anthem Intro
  • 2 Don't Sleep On The Female
  • 3 Toon Girl
  • 4 Die For You
  • 5 Married Man
  • 6 Beggars Can't Be Choosey
  • 7 Ways To Treat A Woman
  • 8 Don't Hold Back The Rain
  • 9 I Sleep U I Wear U
  • 10 They Like It Slow
  • 11 Special Kinda Fool
  • 12 Natural Woman
  • 13 Shoot 'Em Up
  • 14 Jezebel
  • 15 Woman's World
  • 16 Mind Taker
  • 17 Visions In My Mind
  • 18 Julie Rain
  • 19 Woman's Anthem
  • Yeah... yeah baby it's your anthem
    Say yeah yeah yeah ooo oh yeah

    [Verse 1:]
    Said I'm sorry for what we've done so many years
    Said that we've being doing it
    Say being fools so many days of our lives
    Listen say
    Some of us don't mean to do it
    I can admit I was wrong
    Yeah I'll say
    Said I'm apologizing for stupidness
    Apologizing for unequal rights
    Apologizing for d-o-g's
    That's why I want you to listen while I say it

    Said I'm so sorry for what we have done to you
    Said I'm so sorry for what we have done to you
    For being d-o-g's [x3]
    For all of our lives [x3]
    Help me out here say

    [Verse 2:]
    See I remember the days when man was doin things
    Like leaving they woman at home to go out to see another woman and maybe another man too
    Sometimes it get rough in your life and we never act like we're there we don't even act like we care
    Say I'm apologizing for 1992 for 1993 cause that was part of me
    And nothing else I can see
    But baby I'm apologizing for all you dogs
    I'm apologizing for when we (didn't come home)
    I'm apologizing for when we (every abuse)
    I'm apologizing for when we listen ladies your anthem


    Sorry for the mornings and the night (not coming home)
    Sorry for puttin my hands on you that wasn't right (yeah)
    Sorry for running out when we made life
    But we can renew it we can renew it oh today
    Said I'm so sorry for what we have done to you...

    Why would we do such a thing for being alone
    Break it down play it dino...
    Listen I'm a preach again (preach on)
    See man been doin it wrong doin it wrong doin it backwards all his damn life now it's time it's time to get it right and I'm gon be the first one to step up and say it... that we gon get it together in 97, 98, 2000, 1999 I'm tryna tell y'all that we got to we got to we got to we got to hold on yeah hold on to you said we sorry said I'm sorry for what [x2] for being d-o-g's

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