Young Chozen feat. Tyler Fisher Without You Lyrics

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I was falling
But Yu came in and turned my whole world upside down
Now I'm flying
You healed my hurt, You clean my dirt, gave me a crown
What would I be without You?
Because of You I will not die
There's a love I can't deny
You know I know I'll reach the sky
So crazy, looking back everywhere I've been
Everything that I done, everyone I've met
Every breath I breathe, every tear I cried
Every race I've won
And now look into the future, open doors, posibilities
Your love is so real to me
I hope the people feelin' me
This time, this moment
With You I know I'm so on it
One thing I noticed true is, what would I do without You?
This time, this moment
With you I know I'm so on it
One thing I noticed true
The day I thought, that I could this on my own
Was the day I woke up and realized I was so alone
You had my back when I saw my life all down
So I'm here to let y'all know about the one that you caught now
I'm talking about love, I'm talking about joy, I'm talking about peace
I'm talking about hope, I'm talking about more than what you see
I'm talking about answers, I'm talking about life, I'm talking about truth
One thing I know is true

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