Ransom Without You (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Can't believe that you ain't here
Same eyes ,same nose and same head
Used to think you ain't care
I know this ain't fair wished that you remain here
They say you in a better place I'm saying that you ain't there
You see the pain clear I know you can't escape death
But you can look ‘em face to face smiling with a strange stare
You is God to me a couple known robberies
You said you had to do ‘em and did them with no apologies
Despite the poverty we was raised properly
Mama was kinda hard but that's the way that she gotta be
She did it with honesty so you can't blame her
Eventhough you did the solo it didn't claim her
Good at poiting the finger and eventhough you're gone
The pain is still gonna linger 'cause you know I'm a thinker
TK calling can't bring myself to talk to ‘em
Know that was your man the news gonna be hard to ‘em
Smith still ask of you, Ka I ain't seen him in years
And right now I got a stream of tears
Running down my face I know you wasn't even scared
Coming to this place
I know you think mama think her son was a disgrace
All the trouble that you face, but she loved you nigga wait
Bring a shovel to your wake
Find you the best soil look I dug you here a place
So you can rest in peace know your brother will be safe
And I know you're battle for respect
That's why I got your fucking name tatted on my neck
Remember all the funny jokes cracking on the steps
Remember when big blue beat the Packers and the Jets
I'm tryin to get these crackers to invest
‘Cause out of all of these other fucking rappers I'm the best
But anyway there ain't nothing left but grief
And all I gotta say is rest in peace

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